Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta (YTS) Seeks Executive Director

 YTS was established by PT Kalimantan Surya Kencana (KSK) and Dayak communities in 1998. It is a non-profit foundation established to manage issues of the ecological, social and economic impacts of the company’s mining exploration, and expected mining activities. 

KSK has played an important role internationally in the growing, global discourse concerning social responsibility and issues of sustainable development of mining operations through YTS, as well as launching a range of programs to the local communities that exist close to the company’s operations in Kalimantan.

A large portion of the funding for YTS is provided by the company, but other donors are participating in funding its community development programs.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Director

The Executive Director will report to the YTS Board of Directors. It is expected that the outgoing Executive Director of YTS will continue to support YTS’s activities at the highest level.

The position is based at the office shared with the company in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan. Regular site visits will be required to the YTS village-based projects in Central Kalimantan and other locations, at this time. Occasional visits to Jakarta and internationally to support YTS’s involvement in forums and workshops concerning the social and environmental responsibilities of mining operations may also be required.  

The ideal candidate would have the following qualities:

1. A good understanding and direct experience of participatory development principles, approaches and methodologies.

2. Understanding and experience of rural society and culture in SE Asia at least five years, particularly Indonesia: communities, government, CSOs.

3. Understanding and experience of good governance principles and realities in society.

4. Understanding and experience of corporate social responsibility, particularly in the mining sector.

5. Exceptional interpersonal behavior and communication skills: open attitude, good empathetic listener and speaker.

6. Minimum five years of experience in managing an organization in the development field: good hands-on financial, operational and personnel management skills.

7. Good analytical thinker and writer.

8. Very flexible and adaptable to changing, challenging, and dynamic conditions.

9. Knowledgeable and experienced with communication media in development.

10. Must have fluency in English in order to represent the organization to international donors and events. 


Remuneration and Contract

Remuneration, leave conditions, health insurance and other provisions of employment will be competitive to similar salaries in the industry. The initial employment term will be subject to negotiation. Start date is as soon as possible. 



Send a recent CV plus a brief description, as to why you believe that you have the experience and skills to undertake the assignment to: edyts2022@gmail.com . The application will be closed on May 31st, 2022. No application will be accepted after the closing date.

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