Yayasan Plan International Indonesia Job Vacancy: Jelajah Timur Event Coordinator

 Yayasan Plan International Indonesia is presently implementing its country strategic 4 (CS 4) covering fiscal year 2017 to 2022, where the country objective has been defined as “to identify and facilitate the removal of obstacles that prevent children from enjoying their rights and participating fully in Indonesian society”. The organisation’s purpose is to “strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls”. This goal will be achieved by providing technical support and implementing quality programs and projects through partnership. An effective and efficient communications strategy is a must for Plan Indonesia to share the outcomes of these projects to influence different actors, specially state authorities and to position Plan’s profile within and outside at different levels – starting from community, sub district, district to national, regional and international levels.  Yayasan Plan International Indonesia invites highly competent, experienced and committed professionals to fill the following position :

Jelajah Timur Event Coordinator         


Yayasan Plan Indonesia is a development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters, and partners. The organization is affiliated with Plan International in more than 75 countries. In Indonesia, Plan Indonesia has been implementing its programs and operations since 1969. Currently, we are working in 16 districts in 7 provinces across Indonesia. Sponsoring more than 35,000 children in East Nusa Tenggara and thousands more other program participants, Plan Indonesia is implementing quality programs and projects that cover areas of Child Development and Protection, Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health, Girls Leadership, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, and Humanitarian and Resilient, .in order to achieve our vision.

As one of Plan International Indonesia’s efforts to fulfilling its commitment, since 2018, Plan Indonesia held Jelajah Timur – Run for Equality, an annual charity run to mobilize public support for clean water provision in marginalized Villages, East Nusa Tenggara.

Jelajah Timur – Project Coordinator will be responsible for managing the event; these include: Managing the offline event, engaging with the community and runners, preparing the marketing and publication strategy (both offline and digital) to engage more runners, influencers, and sponsors.  Working closely with fundraising team and program & influencing experts within the organization (including PIA); translates technical information into targeted communications strategies.

Reporting to Marketing Communication Manager, Jelajah Timur Project Coordinator oversees the overall event management, marketing communications, and public activations of Jelajah Timur Event to mobilize resources and also helps ensure annual targets can be achieved through creative communication and opening partnerships with runners, communities, influencers media, and sponsors.

  • Prepare the concept, implement and manage Jelajah Timur Event (this includes: offline, hybrid, and side events)
  • Building and maintaining a constructive relationship with key partners and stakeholders (including internal stakeholders) to drive support and stimulate fundraising for the events
  • Effective and Efficient budgeting and team management, ensuring that all budget activity delivers a positive ROI


 Prepare the concept, implement, and manage the Jelajah Timur Event.

  • Preparing concept and annual calendar Jelajah Timur Event series, including schedules for the Road-To, side events, and media events.
  • Identifies  attractive and strategic race spot for Jelajah Timur Event these include: the track, race village (start, finish and Water Station spots, medical support), collaborate with Race Director, Fundraising and PIA Team
  • Ensuring the event permits are available and endorsed by local government
  • Collaboration with Digital Fundraising and Marketing Communications team, preparing the communication material and editorial plan for pre-event, post-event, and onsite event publication based on the calendar of events that has been designed.
  • Ensuring have enough participation from runners and runner communities in each Jelajah Timur Event, both Offline and Online.
  • Ensuring the logistic event is readily available to support the event includes Accommodation, Transportation, Water Stations, Runners Collateral (Jersey, Medal, BIB), Meals. Race signage, First Aid and medical kit, and all logistics needed in Check Point and race villages.
  • Preparing Risk mitigation for each event. This includes security risks along the race track.

Building and maintaining a constructive relationship with key partners and stakeholders

  • Identifies opportunities to leverage funding and for deepening the networking and collaboration with runner’s community, Runners Influencers, corporate partners, and media; collaborate with Marketing Communication Managers
  • Maintaining effective relationships with Runners and Runners Community through a series of offline and online activation.
  • Maintaining regular and effective coordination with internal stakeholders, including all units under Resource Mobilization, Program, Influencing & Communications, PIA offices, and Operation Team through effective communication, consultation, and reporting.
  • Leverage/open communication to the Plan Global Network to ensure Jelajah Timur is known by the Plan family and open for their participation to be part of the event.
  • Adheres to RACI (Responsibility, Accountability, Consult and Inform) to coordinate with other units/departments to implement projects.

Effective and Efficient budgeting and team management

  • Preparing and the event committee, ensure that the team’s com involves cross-departmental, and per the fields they support.
  • Create a budget proposal, and ensure it’s monitored and meets positive ROI.

Collaborate with Marketing Communication Manager and other fundraising managers, ensuring that Jelajah Timur event costs are fully funded from various sources.

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Safeguarding) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GESI)

  • Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in the whole process of project implementation.
  • Participates actively in capacity building and learning event on Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion;
  • Understands and puts into practice the responsibilities under Safeguarding and GESI policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), ensuring that concerns are reported and managed by the appropriate procedures.


Internal relationship

  1. Marketing Communication Managers for providing regular updates and reports and seeking strategic advice for strategy implementation about the achievement of and outcome.
  2. Communications Department for aligning strategic direction, campaign messages, and Marketing activities.
  3. Managers under the Resource Mobilization Unit coordinate and support funding and communication needs.
  4. Race Directors Team
  5. Program and PIA Managers for collaboration and coordination to increase synergy.

External relationship

  1. Influencer.
  2. Media Partners (particularly Runner’s/Sport Media).
  3. Runner and runner’s community and potential donors, including corporates, institutions, and HNWI/Individuals.
  4. Other Race Management.



  1. University degree in Communications\ Marketing\ Business Management or related fields
  2. Minimum of five years of experience in Event Management, particularly Running event management.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge in working with Runners Community, Runners Influencer, Private Sectors, and media partners; and can effectively build partnerships between them.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge in effective public speaking; Adopts an appropriate communication style when communicating with the whole range of colleagues, donors, partners, Children, and communities; exhibits active listening and effective feedback; ability to clearly and convincingly express thoughts and ideas in written and verbal form (proficient)
  5. Good oral and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  6. Ability to provide technical guidance and support staff
  7. Ability to function efficiently and effectively with little day-to-day supervision
  8. Demonstrate problem-solving skills and people management.
  9. Demonstrate to be a collaborative team player
  10. Ability to efficiently complete tasks with competing priorities.
  11. Excellent time management skills


  1. Having knowledge in the implementation and execution of brand strategy
  2. Experience in working in a multi-cultural organisation
  3. Online media and Internet knowledge

    • Typical office environment in Jakarta, with frequent travel to project locations.
    • Possible to work remotely based on the COVID situation.

    • Medium contact:/interaction with children and young people


    We are open and accountable We create a climate of trust inside and outside the organisation by being open, honest and transparent. We hold ourselves and others to account for the decisions we make and for our impact on others, while doing what we say we will do.

    We strive for lasting impact We strive to achieve significant and lasting impact on the lives of children and young people, and to secure equality for girls. We challenge ourselves to be bold, courageous, responsive, focused and innovative.

    We work well together We succeed by working effectively with others, inside and outside the organisation, including our sponsors and donors. We actively support our colleagues, helping them to achieve their goals. We come together to create and implement solutions in our teams, across Plan International, with children, girls, young people, communities and our partners.

    We are inclusive and empowering We respect all people, appreciate differences and challenge inequality in our programmes and our workplace. We support children, girls and young people to increase their confidence and to change their own lives. We empower our staff to give their best and develop their potential.

    All applications will be treated in confidence. Only short-listed candidates will be notified and invited for interviews. Please submit your letter of application and detailed curriculum vitae in English by click  http://tinyurl.com/Eventcoordjeltim2022 now not later than  April 15, 2022 

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