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As a part of Digni’s quality assurance, risk monitoring and capacity development initiatives, Digni member organizations and their partner organizations receiving funds from Digni are committed to undergo regular assessments. Digni carries out such an assessment of each of its member organizations once during an agreement period between Digni and Norad. In turn, a Digni member organization assesses a partner either before signing a cooperation agreement with a new partner intended to receive funds from Digni or before Digni sends an application for a new agreement period with Norad. 


The following are the Terms of Reference (‘ToR’) on which the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM), will perform an assessment of their partner organization Yayasan Nurani Luhur Masyarakat (YNLM).




Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) is a free and independent Lutheran mission organization.  NLM wants to contribute to: 

  • the combat of suffering, poverty, and injustice.
  • restoration of dignity and the respect for rights.
  • people, churches, and communities developing themselves based on their own talents, resources, and relationships.
  • sustainable management of God’s creation. 



NLM has been present in Indonesia since 1975 and has implemented NLM and Norad-supported projects in the country since the 90's. The development work and the projects that NLM operates in Indonesia are located on the islands Sumatra and Lombok. YNLM is the representative body of NLM in Indonesia. NLM commits to allocating financial and human resources to YNLM, in line with NLM’s budgets, strategies and plans for Indonesia. YNLM is an organization registered in the Social Department and is the employer for the project staff and the local staff. YNLM is given mandate from NLM to sign formal agreements and MoUs with local partners in Indonesia. The most recent Norad supported projects are:


  • Community Mobilization Pre-Project (2014-2015)
  • Community Participatory Action for Transformation (2016-2018)
  • Joint Action to Address Malnutrition (2018-2022)
  • Mental Health Pilot Project (2019)
  • Mental Health Project (2020-2024)
  • Creation (2020-2024)



Digni is an umbrella organization for twenty Norwegian mission societies and churches engaged in long-term development work in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Digni receives and quality ensures the government funding on behalf of its member organizations. The government funding in the projects subjected to partner assessment is donated through Digni. Digni and NLM has a signed agreement where roles, responsibilities, rights and duties are defined. The financial systems and procedures throughout the Digni-chain, i.e. the member, the partner and the project must be in compliance with the Norad agreement, as well as the subsequent agreements between Digni and the partner and/or partner and the project. 




The purpose of the assessment is:

  1. to secure that YNLM has appropriate capacity and competence to manage and implement quality development work receiving funds from Digni
  2. to identify areas that need to be strengthened
  3. to identify risks that need mitigation measures
  4. to secure compliance among cooperating partners in the Digni chain, with reference to the Grant Agreement between Digni and Norad.


The unit for the assessment should be selected based on the unit(s) of the organization that have an influence or relevance to the projects receiving funds from Digni.  It should include parts of the organization that affects decision-making, policy making, strategy, project management and implementation, financial systems, human resources, and communication.  


YNLM is present on both Sumatera and Lombok. Currently YNLM has 20 national staffs and 7 local staffs working in Medan, Sumatera. Since the project on Lombok will finish in 2022 and no Norad supported projects will be carried out there during the upcoming 5-year period, the partner assessment will only consider YNLM in Medan, Sumatera. All staff of YNLM are involved in development projects, hence the assessment will include the whole YNLM office in Medan.





The assessment will be based on Digni’s Partner Assessment Tool. The methodology might be a combination of conversation/interview, group discussion, document and system assessment. How it practically will be carried out depends on whether member organization or external evaluator will perform the assessment.



  • Agreement framework
  • Specified in the tool under the tab “Docs” and “Relevant documents/examination” under the respective focus areas
  • Other recent assessments (i.e., partner evaluation, PCAI, Due Diligence) carried out in January 2020 or later.
  • Information gathered during field visits, reporting, or through other means may also be used in the assessment.




Member organization might conduct the assessment as long as they have the competence, capacity, and opportunity to travel. Qualified external consultants can be hired for the purpose when appropriate.




External Consultant:

  • Get acquainted with the ToR, resources described in this ToR (5 Methods), and assessment tool.
  • Go through the self-assessment partner has done.
  • Perform the assessment in accordance with the ToR and guidelineMake a narrative analysis.
  • Make a follow-up plan together

Make an assessment summary as described in the template for the cover letter and provide the completed partner assessment by using the tool in Excel




The report is a completed Partner Assessment Tool according to the guidelines, with a follow-up plan.



As the partner, YNLM wants to hire an external consultant to assist the process of partner assessment, with requirements:

  • A team with maximal 2 members
  • Master’s in Business Science Economics Project Management or related field.
  • In-depth understanding of Institutional Capacity Assessment
  • Previous experience conducting in-depth capacity assessments in complex environments
  • Strong understanding of data collection and analysis and the ability to synthesize into a report
  • High experience and competencies in organizational capacity and strengthened, financial and procurement management, human resource.
  • Strong and demonstrated facilitation and interpersonal skills
  • Strong writing skills


See the complete TOR on



Interested applicants should submit their expression of interest along with technical and financial proposal in soft copy in English language to : cc to Closing date for submission is May 12th 2022.  Please mark your application with subject line of “YNLM  Partner’s Assessment”. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be notified










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