RFP 2057-08 Conducting SGBA of Adolescent Health & Nutrition Program

 Dear Potential Bidders,

Nutrition International (NI) is a global nutrition organization, which aims to transform the lives of vulnerable people, especially women, adolescent girls, and children, by improving their nutritional status and health, as these groups often have the greatest unmet needs. NI envisions a world where everyone, everywhere is free from malnutrition and able to reach their full potential. Nutrition International believes that good nutrition and gender equality are mutually reinforcing; improving nutrition is critical to achieving gender equality, and in turn improving gender equality leads to improved nutrition. Access to good nutrition is a universal human right and the potential to transform is closely linked to overcoming gender inequalities.

Globally, NI is committed to gender mainstreaming. Based on greater nutritional needs and vulnerabilities, women, adolescent girls, and children are often the focus, with consideration for intersectionality of other vulnerabilities emerging from their social and economic positions.   With the intention of contributing to gender equality, NI launched Program Gender Equality Strategy to mainstream gender equality systematically into nutrition program of NI.   In addition, the Presidential Decree 9/2000 of GoI mandates, that all ministries and state institutions should mainstream gender equality in government programs. The government has designated Gender Focal Points in every ministry and at sub-national level to ensure gender equality mainstreaming vertically (between technical ministries) and horizontally (from national to village levels) and provided the technical implementation of this policy.

To initiate a gender mainstreaming process in NI’s Adolescent Health and Nutrition program in Indonesia, NI will conduct Sex and Gender Based Analysis (SGBA) to assess sex and gender-based barriers to girls and woman participation, potential benefits, and access to resources and interventions. NI has created a toolkit to guide this process, to support NI staff to plan, implement, quality assure, and guide the analysis in the SGBA (to be conducted by gender experts).

Conducting a SGBA is the first step towards designing a gender sensitive or responsive project. It is intentional in NI’s programming, and learnings will be captured throughout the programming cycle through landscape assessment, design of Behaviour Change Interventions (BCI), implementation, monitoring (including gender sensitive indicators and sex disaggregated data), and evaluation.

Through this Terms of Reference (ToR), NI is seeking a gender expert firm to undertake the SGBA of Adolescent Health and Nutrition program in 3 provinces – West Java, Banten and East Nusa Tenggara.

Kindly find detailed RFP along with TOR and Budget Template in the link as follows: 



The submission deadline for proposals is WednesdayJuly 20, 2022, by 17:00 HRS. West Indonesia Standard Time.

The Technical and Financial Proposal in two separate files put into a covering email specifically indicating the subject line “Conducting Sex and Gender Based Analysis (SGBA) of Adolescent Health and Nutrition Program in Indonesia and should be sent by email to:



Nutrition International

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