CONSULTANT: (Institution/ Team) GFCR Communications Consultant

 Konservasi Indonesia is a national foundation established to support sustainable development in the country. We are the main partner of Conservation International in Indonesia.

We envision a healthy and prosperous Indonesia where biodiversity is valued and preserved. With offices and project sites across Indonesia, we promote a sustainable landscape-seascape approach and establish partnerships with multiple stakeholders across sectors and jurisdictions to deliver lasting impacts for people and nature in Indonesia.

As we are constantly expanding, we are currently looking Consultant to fill the following Terms below:

CONSULTANT (Institution/ Team)

GFCR Communications Consultant

(Code: GFCR_Comms)


Title: Communications Consultant for the Global Fund for Coral Reefs Project

Date Issued: 11 August 2022



1.      Background & Project Overview
Konservasi Indonesia (KI) is one of the convening agents for an innovative program to support coral-positive businesses and change the paradigm of conservation financing to support coral-positive business ventures. Konservasi Indonesia is the main partner of Conservation International (CI) that will implement the “Terumbu Karang Sehat Indonesia” project in Indonesia, funded by the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR).


This multi-year program will manage and advise GFCR partners on a portfolio of grants and investments that directly support coral conservation and/or restoration. The program under KI will be launched with initial geographic focus on the Bird’s Head Seascape (West Papua and Papua Province) and Sumba Island (East Nusa Tenggara Province) in Lesser Sunda Seascape. Projects within this program portfolio will be varied and innovative, exploring revenue streams that provide sustainable financing for critically important coral reef ecosystems and will include engagement with tourism, seaweed aquaculture, MPA management and may expand to fisheries and other sectors assuming a clear link to coral reef conservation.


During the first 18-months of the project, a primary aspect of this work will be to communicate the program progress and success to a variety of audiences: to government partners, the GFCR board and administrators and to project implementation teams for use with stakeholders. The consultant will work closely with the GFCR program leadership team, communications teams within the region, co-convening agent communications staff and project leaders to ensure communication materials both accurately convey the program and support program goals.


We seek a consultant that is prepared to develop both the plan and content for communications materials as they relate to this GFCR project. While this consultant will be guided by KI and CI communications staff, we seek a consultant with proven experience leading effective communications strategies and developing content across a range of media platforms in both English and Indonesian languages.


2.     Project Overview

The consultant will be responsible for leading and completing a communications plan for the GFCR project.  The approach should include consultation and coordination with Konservasi Indonesia and Conservation International partners.


Specifically, the consultant will implement the following activities:

·       Develop a national communications plan specific to the project and KI’s interventions

·       Create a strong brand identity including guidelines and templates

·       Project partner communications guidance, reporting and tracing

·       Develop and implement social media strategy specific to the project

·       Develop website

·       Develop content around the project together with project implementation staff

·       Outreach to ensure project is communicated through other media outlets (earned media)

·       Regular reporting on progress to Konservasi Indonesia staff


3.     Terms of Reference, Deliverables and Deliverables Schedule

The work will be carried out over a period of 11-13 months, approximately September 2022 – August 2023.


Location of Task/Applicable Trips

Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia, with potential travel to West Papua Province and/or Sumba as necessary.





Acceptance Criteria

Due Date



Submission of Workplan

Detailed workplan submitted to KI outlining the production and deliverable schedule for the duration of the project considering the full suite of activities listed in this TOR.

Workplan document including anticipated timeline submitted to Counterparts in an editable format (e.g., MS word or MS Excel)

25 Sept 2022



Formation and facilitation of National communications plan.

A targeted outreach effort designed to deliver the communications objectives and messages to a range of audiences. This will address key issues and actors to support the programmatic goals. This would likely involve community engagement directly and via social media throughout the program’s lifecycle.

Submit a national communications plan document which can be shared with partners

15 Oct 2022



Brand identity

Create a brand identity, including visual assets such as the logo, fonts, color palate, and summary language on this project that is agreeable to partners.

Produce and socialize simple brand guidelines that encapsulate the brand identity to guide all project communications.

Logo and brand identity presented in a shareable document and presented to key stakeholders, grantees and project staff in a virtual presentation.

15 Nov 2022



Project partner communications guidance, reporting and tracing.

Produce guidelines for project partner communications. This will define practical communications information for the project, expected reporting timelines and submission process, external communications requirements and outputs (such as the regular sharing of content for external promotion, be it stories, images or footage to the project from the partners), media management process, social media expectations and crisis communications plan. 

This will include access to the brand identity.

Define a socialization plan for the Grantee Communications Guidelines information which includes a method of sharing the brand identity.

·      Guidelines for grantee communications produced and socialized as a document/ presentation.


·      Tracking system and supportive management of grantee communications


·       Simple reporting of grantee communications outcomes


15 Dec 2022



Social Media

1.       Social media strategy produced to support messaging goals, focused on national audience.

2.     Build social media channel

3.      Posting plan, approx. 3 months in advance

4.      Regular posting on project social media channel/s from September 2022 – July 2023.


Social media plan shared with counterparts including a report on: (i) launch of social media channel and project hashtags, (ii) regular social media posting on this channel, (iii) at least one campaign for coral

Report due 31 Nov 2022


Ongoing social media engagement




Build a website for the project. Lead the drafting and build of this website using a free software, supplied by Conservation International. 

Build, launch and manage the project website. Website link can be shared with counterparts as the deliverable.

30 Nov 2022



Content development

Draft the narrative for and direct the production of promotional materials: including simple video, printed information materials, targeted materials for key actors.

Produce a suite of content materials in an easily accessible and shareable format including:

·  Produce at least three (3) videos including narrative direction, management of a video product, and seeking specialist feedback and approval within Conservation International

·  Produce a suite of shareable materials that explain the project

·  Produce targeted materials for key actors.

·  Support production of talking points or other required materials

·  Produce concepts and manage the production of event materials

Full packet of content should be complete by the end of contract but will be developed and shared throughout the contract period



Earned Media


Provide agile news media engagement and management to promote the project including drafting press releases, attracting and supporting media queries and securing news articles on the program.

Report summarizing the following earned media exposure:

·     Secure at least 10 media articles featuring the project

·     Draft 5 press releases

·     Support media queries by proving information or connecting the journalist to the spokesperson

·     Media report

Ongoing throughout the consultancy with full packet due in a report by the end of the consultancy




On project for Stakeholders:

Short reports on the most relevant successful initiatives of the programme including a final reporton communications for monitoring, evaluation and adaptation.

Provide bi-monthly short reports on the activities above to the technical direction team on progress, barriers, opportunities and needed strategic adaptation.

Production of three stakeholder reports: 2x 5 monthly (during the project) and one summary report at the end of the consultancy period. 


Note: Bi-monthly internal reports and monthly internal meetings with the KI and CI teams will be expected to ensure alignment and coordination.

30 Dec 2022


30 April 2023


31 July 2023



4.     Submission Details

a.      Deadline. Proposals must be received no later than August 25, 2022. Late submissions will not be accepted. Proposals must be submitted via email to by 25 August 2022 with subject: “GFCR Communication Consultant”. Only shortlisted consultants will be invited for the interview.

b.     Validity of bid. 120 days from the submission deadline

c.      Amendments. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of proposals, KI may, for any reason, modify the RFP documents by amendment which will be posted to the KI website and/or communicated via email.


5.     Minimum Requirements

·       Experience developing communications plan from scratch that suits the project and staff needs.

·       Experience working on content development for conservation, environment, sustainable financing or another similar field

·       Knowledge, understanding and sensitivity around the Indonesian communications and policy landscape

·       Technical experience in social media and website development

·       Experience producing both Bahasa Indonesia and English content



6.     Submission Requirements


a.      Proposals must be submitted in English or Indonesian

b.     Proposals must be received no later than 25 August 2022 at 17.00 WIB. Late submissions will not be accepted. Proposals must be submitted via email to ( All proposals are to be submitted following the guidelines listed in this RFP.

c.      Validity of bid. 120 days from the submission deadline

d.     Clarifications. Questions may be submitted to ( by the specified date and time in the timeline below. KI will respond in writing to submitted clarifications by the date specified in the timeline below. Responses to questions that may be of common interest to all bidders will be posted to the KI website and/or communicated via email.

e.     Amendments. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of proposals, KI may, for any reason, modify the advertisement documents by amendment which will be posted to the KI website and/or communicated via email.


7.     Proposal Documents to Include

a.      Signed cover page on letterhead with the contact information.

b.     Signed Representation of Transparency, Integrity, Environmental and Social Responsibility (Attachment 1)

c.      Company profile and status.

d.     Technical Proposal.

                                                i.     Capabilities, Experience, Past Performance, and 3 client references. Please include descriptions of similar projects or assignments and at least three client references.

                                               ii.     Qualifications of Key Personnel. Please attach CVs that demonstrate how the team proposed meets the minimum requirements listed in section 5 (Minimum Requirements).

                                              iii.     Technical Approach, Methodology and high-level Work Plan. The Technical Proposal should describe in detail how the bidder intends to carry out the requirements described in the Terms of Reference.

e.     Financial Proposal. Offerors shall use the cost proposal template (Attachment 3).


8.     Evaluation Criteria In evaluating proposals, KI will seek the best value for money considering the merits of the technical and costs proposals. Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:


Evaluation Criteria

Score (out of 100)

Is the proposed approach and methodology appropriate to the assignment and practical in the prevailing project circumstances?


Is the presentation clear and is the sequence of activities and the planning logical, realistic and promise efficient implementation to the project?


Does the bidder’s past performance demonstrate recent proven experience doing similar work?


Does the bidder and the proposed personnel have the specific technical expertise for the assignment?


Cost: Costs proposed are reasonable and realistic, reflect a solid understanding of the assignment.




8.    Proposal Timeline

Advertisement Issued

12 August 2022

Clarifications submitted to KI

25 August 2022

Clarifications provided to known candidates

30 August 2022

Complete proposals due to CI

5 Sept 2022

Final selection

10 Sept 2022


9.     Resulting Award KI anticipates entering into an agreement with the selected bidder by 15 September 2022. Any resulting agreement will be subject to the terms and conditions of KI’s Services Agreement. A model form of agreement can be provided upon request.


This RFP does not obligate KI to execute a contract, nor does it commit KI to pay any costs incurred in the preparation or submission of the proposals. Furthermore, KI reserves the right to reject any and all offers, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of KI. KI will, in its sole discretion, select the winning proposal and is not obligated to share individual evaluation results.


10.   Confidentiality All proprietary information provided by the bidder shall be treated as confidential and will not be shared with potential or actual applicants during the solicitation process. This includes but is not limited to price quotations, cost proposals and technical proposals. KI may, but is not obliged to, post procurement awards on its public website after the solicitation process has concluded, and the contract has been awarded. KI’s evaluation results are confidential and applicant scoring will not be shared among bidders.


11.    Code of Ethics All Offerors are expected to exercise the highest standards of conduct in preparing, submitting and if selected, eventually carrying out the specified work in accordance with KI’s Code of Ethics. Conservation International’s reputation derives from our commitment to our values: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Optimism, Passion and Teamwork. KI’s Code of Ethics (the “Code”) provides guidance to KI employees, service providers, experts, interns, and volunteers in living KI’s core values, and outlines minimum standards for ethical conduct which all parties must adhere to. Any violation of the Code of Ethics, as well as concerns regarding the integrity of the procurement process and documents should be reported to KI via its Ethics Hotline at


12.   Attachments:


Attachment 1: Representation of Transparency, Integrity, Environmental and Social Responsibility

Attachment 2: Cost Proposal Template



Please send the required document (point 6 above) in PDF to:


Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mail with this format:

< GFCR_Comms > - <Institution / Team Name>

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