Lowongan Call for Proposal Consultant : Facilitating After Action Review (AAR) of the Central Sulawesi Earthquake Emergency Response Workshop

Term of Reference 

Consultant – Facilitating After Action Review (AAR) of the Central Sulawesi Earthquake Emergency Response Workshop

Project: After Action Review (AAR) of the Central Sulawesi Earthquake Emergency Response, Indonesia


Series disaster occurred in Indonesia where in both area ChildFund Indonesia are no presence. Following month after earthquake hit Lombok, earthquake and tsunami hit Central Sulawesi strength of 7.4RS and an epicenter of 10 km struck northeast of Donggala, Central Sulawesi on 28/9/2018 at 17.02 WIB. 

After consultation with Regional and ChildFund International Office and assess the government of Indonesia capacity and the acceptance of ChildFund propose to help the emergency response, ChildFund Indonesia decided to response the disaster through partners; in Central Sulawesi ChildFund Indonesia working with LPBI NU (Lembaga Penanggulangan Bencana dan Perubahan Iklim Nahdatul Ulama) for 12 months’ response.

The emergency responses took different intervention as different scale and context of both areas. In Lombok, ChildFund Indonesia providing support on Child Center Spaces (CCS) through psychosocial support for children, capacity building for volunteers and community to run CCSs and also provision support of school kits for children at temporary school, while in Central Sulawesi, ChildFund Indonesia providing support on Psychosocial support for children, capacity building of facilitators to run CCSs, temporary school provision of school kits, provision of hygiene kits for family, family kits, tarps for shelter and provision cleaning kits for family and group, build semi-permanent schools and support of women group in livelihood by providing working capital and develop business plan. 

ChildFund Indonesia recruited project staff for Central Sulawesi Emergency Response due to it scale and type of intervention. ChildFund’s partners program staff from different areas was involved in response along with existing ChildFund program staff.

Through discussion, sharing and reflection during a two-day lessons learned workshop on October 28-29, a group of approximately 34 participants from Country Office staff and other stakeholders will document successes, challenges, and significant lessons learned related to the Central Sulawesi earthquake response. This will be an After Action Review, conducted near the conclusion of the emergency period, with the aim of building understanding of what worked well and what did not work well; and also to identify actions that ChildFund can take at different levels, to improve our preparation for any future emergency response efforts.  As criteria for assessing the effectiveness of response interventions, the AAR should make use of ChildFund International’s Emergency Response Policy and Procedures, ChildFund Indonesia’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, and established international standards such as Sphere and the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, Education in Emergency standard, Cash Base Transfer standard.  Besides overall effectiveness and challenges faced, the review should reflect on the particular added value that ChildFund brought to this response.

The documented lessons we document will be used for action planning to improve the Indonesia Country Office’s own emergency response performance, and also shared as a contribution to improve ChildFund’s emergency response efforts globally – including support functions, organizational systems & procedures, and Alliance relationships.

Deliverables for the Consultant:

1)      Preparation. ChildFund International will draft an initial session plan and participants’ agenda, but seeks feedback and recommendations for improvements from the consultant.  ChildFund Indonesia Country Office will provide the consultant with relevant data and reports on all emergency response interventions, as well as organizational policies & procedures, to use as inputs in planning the workshop sessions.  ChildFund will also provide the final AAR reports from previous emergency responses; the consultant should review those reports to identify key issues raised, and be prepared to consult workshop participants on how those same issues were handled during Sulawesi response.

2)      Facilitation. This deliverable includes consultant’s facilitation of the AAR sessions, from 8:30am–5:00pm on October 28th and 29th in Jakarta, Indonesia, and also leading a post-workshop reflection and action planning session with designated Country Office and Emergency Management Unit staff for ½ day on October 30th. ChildFund will designate two co-facilitators to assist with workshop facilitation under the overall direction of the consultant; and separately contract a rapporteur to take detailed notes on the workshop sessions, photograph flipchart outputs and other raw materials, and collate those materials for the facilitator to use in report preparation.

3)      Drafting of After Action Review (AAR) Report. Consultant will draft first version of AAR report including all relevant findings, lessons learned, and agreed recommendations, for review by the Country Director, Regional Director, and Emergency Management Unit Director; and finalize the report contents based on their feedback.

Timeframe and Budget

The total days allocated for this consultancy is nine (7.5) days: preparation (2 days), facilitation (2.5 days) and report writing (3 days) at the consultant’s prevailing rate with ChildFund International or ChildFund Indonesia.  If any candidate for this consultancy feels that this timeframe given for either preparation and/or report-writing is insufficient to guarantee a suitable-quality output, he/she should justify the need for additional time when submitting his/her bid proposal.  The initial timeline may be revised based on mutual agreement between ChildFund and the consultant.

This consultancy will begin with initial preparations, i.e. review of the draft agenda, as soon as the contract is signed.  It should end by November 30, 2019 with submission of the final report.  A first draft of the written report is expected by November 11th.

The consultancy fee will be paid according to the following schedule:

10% on finalization of workshop agenda

40% upon completion of the workshop including action-planning session

25% upon submission of initial draft report

25% upon submission and acceptance by ChildFund of final report

The consultant will report to Program Specialist ( DR/ER)

Interested consultants should submit a 1-page expression of interest, curriculum vitae, proposed general work plan, and proposed budget to carry out the assignment.

Application should be addressed to ChildFund  to apane@childfund.org latest by 10 October 2019 

The selected consultant will be hired using a standard consulting agreement which complies with ChildFund’s policies and standards.

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