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Consultant for Kemitraan
2019 Partners Survey

1.      Background

In 2010, Kemitraan initiated the first Partners Survey which intended to identify, collect and map information from various Key Partners emphasized on Kemitraan strategies, methods, and approaches in implementing its vision and mission as well as its effectiveness in contributing towards impacts stated in Kemitraan vision and mission. The survey results were not only used as reference to improve Kemiraan programme implementation in the future, but also as a significant source of information in developing Kemitraan 2012-2016 Strategic Plan.

Kemitraan is currently in the middle of implementing its 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. In the last three years (2017-2019), Kemitraan has collaborated with more than 32 CSOs partners and 17 Strategic Partners (consists of International Development Partners, Ministries and State Institutions, Government and State Agencies) both at national and regional level to encourage and implement good and democratic governance in various development themes, among others democratic governance, environmental governance and sustainable forest and environment governance, police governance, Anti-Corruption, inclusivity, and other related issues. 

In the last three years, Kemitraan also collaborated with other Partners through 35 projects. Therefore, it is important for Kemitraan to collect input, feedback and recommendations from each Partner through structured and comprehensive method of Partners Survey. These information will serve as reference to improve Kemitraan roles, strategies, ways and approaches as agent of change.

2.      The Purpose of Partner Survey

Partners Survey is aimed to identify, collect and map various information and recommendations from each Partner which include these aspects below:

(1)  What is the level of understanding and perception of Partners on the roles of Kemitraan?

(2)  How far has Kemitraan support enable to bring benefit and continuity of Partners works on issues that are being advocated?

(3)  How well has Kemitraan consistently implement good governance principles in managing programmes/projects (i.e transparency, accountability, efficiency and independency, etc)? 

(4)  How far the potential of sustainability of Partners programme/project which are being implemented collaboratively with Kemitraan?

(5)  What are the main issues to describe Kemitraan weaknesses during collaboration with Partners?

(6)  What is/are the added value of Kemitraan compare to other similar organizations?

(7)  What is/are Partner/s expectations for future collaboration/cooperation with Kemitraan?

3.      Expected Output

Expected outputs of the Partner Survey are collecting information and maps comprehensively which include:

1.    The roles and position of Kemitraan

2.    Level of benefit/usefulness and sustainability of the project results implemented by Kemitraan

3.    Level of consistency in the adherance of good governance principles in project implementation

4.    Level of potential for sustainability on issues being advocated in collaboration with Partners

5.    Identified areas of Kemitraan weaknesses as reference to improve Kemitraan institution

6.    Identified added values of Kemitraan to enable to formulate more effective strategies and approaches

7.    Identified expectations from Partners as reference to formulate and develop work plan based on Kemitraan vision and mission.

4.      Scope of Methodology Partner Survey

There are two categories of partner, first is Strategic Partner and second is Implementing Partner. Strategic partners mostly included International Development Partners (i.e donor/funder institutions), ministries and state institutions, local government and other related strategic stakeholders. Meanwhile, Implementing Partners included Grantees (CSO, NGOs) working on Kemitraan project both at national and regional level. This survey is expected to collect information from both categories of partners.

Data collection method is expected to use primary data via questionnaire and direct interview with Partners as respondent of survey. Kemitraan 2017-2021 Strategic Plan shall be as the basis to develop conceptual framework, survey instruments and results analysis. Sample method and number of respondents will apply purposive stratified sampling utilizing total number of Kemitraan partners in the period of 2017-2019 as the population framework. Criteria of respondent refers to person who has been involved directly in Kemitraan programme/project implementation, and is/are authorized to represent each of their Partner Institution, and represent the scope of Kemitraan programme areas and locations.

5.      Scope of Work for Consultant

In  conducting the survey, Kemitraan intends to recruite an Individual Consultant. Selected Consultant is required to design and propose conceptual framework for survey, framework of analysis and develop the instrument. These outputs shall be developed through intensive consultation with PME (Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation) Unit at Kemitraan. Consultant will conduct data collection based on the agreed methodology and scope. In addition, Consultant is also required to write report with outline as agreed and approved by PME Unit. A detailed scope of work for consultant are described below:

•          To develop conceptual framework and analysis for survey, develop instrument based on desk review and intensive discussion with PME Unit.

•          To propose list of respondents through purposive stratified sample and agreed by PME Unit.

•          To conduct field data collection based on the agreed instrument, scope and number of sample agreed by PME Unit.

•          To write survey result report based on the agreed outline. 

6.      Qualifications for a Consultant

§  Extensive experience in conducting survey, assessment, monitoring and evaluation for various development programs mainly on social, economic and political issues
§  Well mastering various research methodology
§  Strong analytical skills
§  Having work experience in government institution, university and Civil Society Organization
§  Well knowledge on governance, environment and poverty eradication
§  Good communication skills in multi-cultural environment
§  Able to work independently, under-pressure, multi-tasking and result-oriented
§  Good skills in Microsoft programme, experience in developing and utilizing online survey is preferred.

7.      Timeframe for Consultant

Partner survey shall be conducted within 3.5 months starting from November 2019 to February 2020 with detailed deliverables as follows:

1.      Developed methodology and instrument based on online survey, and includes pre-testing instrument: 10 days

2.      Data collection: 10 days

3.      Data processing and data analysis: 5 days

4.      Writing first draft survey report: 3 days

5.      Writing second draft survey report: 2 days

6.      Finalizing report (which include for the layout of survey report): 3 days

Due date for each deliverable will be laterly agreed with PME Unit. The Consultant is also required to allocate time to work in-office intensively mainly during developing methodology and survey instrument, and at data processing and analysis stage at Kemitraan Office to enable intensive discussion with PME Unit.

Interested candidates are to send their resume and application letter to: recruitment@kemitraan.or.id no later than November 13, 2019.  Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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