VACANCY FAO ECTAD Indonesia : Country National Veterinary Advisor

 Job Title             :  Country National Veterinary Advisor

Type of contract : NPP level 11


The Country National Veterinary Advisor (CNVA) will be under the direct technical supervision of the Team Leader of
the FAO ECTAD Country Program in Indonesia, and the functional and administrative guidance of the FAO
Representative in Indonesia. The CNVA will coordinate program activities with the Output Team Leaders and NTAs
responsible for the delivery of project outputs.
The CNVA will be the principal technical liaison person between FAO staff and the Ministry of Agriculture Directorate-
General of Livestock and Animal Health Services (DGLAHS), including the Directorate of Animal Health (DAH),
Directorate of Veterinary Public Health (DPVH), Directorate of Animal Breeding, its Sub-directorates and other relevant
technical units within the Ministry of Agriculture for implementation of ECTAD Program activities. The incumbent will also
liaise with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Forestry and other relevant ministries and agencies and
sub-national animal health services in developing collaboration for improved zoonoses, including Avian Influenza, rabies,
leptospirosis, Anthrax and Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) control, and ensuring sustainability of collaborative
activities developed through the implementation of FAO projects.
Duties and responsibilities:
• Assist the ECTAD Country Team Leader in Indonesia to develop an Operational Plan, as well as implement the
National Strategic Work Plan for the early detection, prevention and control of priority animal diseases, zoonoses and
EIDs in Indonesia
• Foster close day to day collaboration between FAO and DGLAHS- staff in surveillance, prevention and control
activities related to animal disease, zoonoses and EID and animal production; promote collaboration between FAO
and other relevant Directorates of the DGLAHS
• Establish and maintain external stakeholder relationships with main government bodies (including but not limited to
Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Coordinating Ministry of Human
Development and Culture, BNPB etc.), donors, private sector, Universities, NGOs and other UN bodies
• Manage and support the development of GOI capacity to implement One Health-focused, effective and sustainable
detection, prevention and response of targeted zoonoses and EIDs; support the development of a training programme
• Provide substantive inputs and draft position papers and reports, for policy making and, presentation to the Project
Steering Committee, government and donors
• Engage with the GHSP project steering committee, for inter-sectoral coordination at higher levels to ensure the
operationalization of GHSP project and the monitoring/evaluation of the program
• Participate in ECTAD Management Team Meetings and in technical meetings and provide inputs during annual
project planning activities
• Provide input in the development and roll-out of a FAO ECTAD Strategic Plan, including change management
• Represents FAO ECTAD Indonesia in a variety of venues (technical working groups, meetings, etc.) at regional,
national and sub-national level
• Engage with higher level government representatives and officials to provide inputs for policy making especially:
o with higher MoA representatives and officials, particularly within DGLAHS, BPSDM and other units (Directorates)
to ensure adoption of OH training program and curriculum
o with MoH, MoEF, Kemenko PMK and the Ministry of Internal Affairs on OH prevention and control
o with Bappenas on One Health and Global Health Security
o with the BNPB on risk mapping of zoonoses and EIDs and emergency preparedness and response at national
level and with Ministry of Internal Affairs to strengthen response at the local government level
o with the coordinating Ministry of Economic on animal production and AMR
• Oversee and support the 3 Senior Technical Advisors and National Technical Advisors both for the GHSP project and other FAO ECTAD implemented projects
• Provide management and technical support for the USAID-GHSP, DFAT-Wildlife Wet Market, and other specific ECTAD project
• Support and manage the ECTAD information, education and communications team and programme IEC activities
• Assist in maintaining close links with the international donor community relevant to the ECTAD programme in Indonesia
• Provide input, drafting and submit the regular FAO and donor reports
• Support FAO regular and annual planning activities
• Submit an End of Assignment report by the end of the contract, covering the last 12 months of work
• Perform other related duties as requested

Expected Outputs:                                                                                               Required Completion Date: 

•Strengthened One Health-focused, effective and sustainable detection,           Ongoing and as required
prevention and response of targeted zoonoses and EID                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Enhanced communication between central and provincial/district level             Ongoing and as required
on detection, prevention, response of targeted zoonoses and EIDs

• Established and maintained external stakeholder relationships with main         Ongoing and as required
 government bodies, donors, private sectors, Universities, NGOs and other
 UN bodies

• Strengthened the effective operationalization of GHSP project and                   Ongoing and as required
other specific related ECTAD project
• One Health collaboration between MOA, MOH, MOEF strengthened               Ongoing and as required  

• EOA report submitted to supervisor                                                                   The end of the Assignment               

                                                                                                                                                                                    REQUIRED COMPETE
Academic Qualifications:
• Post Graduate Degree in Veterinary Science, Epidemiology, with over 10 years experience in animal disease detection, prevention and response
• Proven managerial and coordination skills for large programmes
• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
• Extensive experience in negotiations with international, governmental or similar organizations
• Excellent communication skills both oral and written; and
• Familiarity with UN and other agencies’ field programmes for zoonoses and EID detection, prevention and response

Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements:
• Veterinary medicine and control of animal diseases
• Public Health and epidemiology background
• Experience working with Government of Indonesia
• Knowledge of Indonesian livestock systems
• Experience in detection, prevention and response of the zoonoses and EIDs
• Experience with One Health approaches
• Knowledge of the FAO system and relevant experience in project management would be advantage

General Note to All Applicants :

Interested candidates should submit a CV and a covering letter ( In English) clearly stating their relevant skills, experience and email to :, Submission deadline : 10th December 2020. All candidates should possess computer/word processing skills. FAO reserves the right not to make an appointment at a lower grade or to make an appointment with a modified job description. FAO regrets to inform applicants that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


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