Vacancy: Professional Consultant

 Professional Consultant – To Develop LAPOR! Technical Guidelines for Future Development


Workdays: 30 days


Project Summary:

CEGAH is a five-year USAID-funded accountability and integrity program that works with a wide range of Indonesian governmental and non-governmental agencies. The duration of the project is from 2016 to 2021 and is implemented by Management Systems International (MSI).



As part of the initiative to improve the quality of public services’ delivery, as well as transparency and accountability of the government in Indonesia, the Ministry of Bureaucratic and Administrative Reform (KemenPAN-RB), the Office of the Presidential Staff (KSP) and the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia (ORI) developed an integrated complaint handling system called SP4N-LAPOR! that allows the public to submit public service related complaints and aspirations through website, Short Messaging Service (SMS), and mobile application. LAPOR! was recently enacted as the single nation wide application (Aplikasi Umum) for public services’ complaint handling as part of the implementation of e-governance (Presidential Regulation No. 95 of 2018). 

Since 2014, USAID has provided extensive support to assist KemenPAN-RB, KSP and ORI to develop and improve the LAPOR! application. With the assistance of USAID-CEGAH, since 2016, several upgrades to the LAPOR! application have been made, including creating upgraded versions, features’ enhancement, security, and mobile version for the iOS and Android platforms.

However, as is the nature of an IT application, LAPOR! will always require further development following the needs of its users. Therefore, to facilitate the future development, technical guidelines are needed to guide KemenPAN-RB, KSP, and ORI and future LAPOR! developers to conduct further developments. The technical guidelines will consist of technical information on LAPOR! workflow, framework, and include the software requirements’ specifications, software documentation, and application integration pattern that could easily assist IT developers with application enhancements. Given this need, USAID CEGAH will hire an IT consultant to create these technical guidelines, in order to facilitate the transition between its current developers to the next set of developers that will work on developing future enhancements for LAPOR!


Position Summary:

This position will be held by an experienced consultant. The consultant will work to develop the LAPOR! version 3.2 technical guidelines. This work requires coordination with KemenPAN-RB, KSP and ORI to achieve the deliverables as detailed in this TOR. The consultant will also communicate, whenever appropriate, with USAID CEGAH.


Scope of Work:


1.       Learn the current LAPOR! version 3.2 application;

2.       Propose workplan to execute the required task;

3.       Coordinate with the KemenPAN-RB, KSP, ORI and current LAPOR! developers to discuss about the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), workflow, and technical requirements in LAPOR! version 3.2 (web and mobile application);

4.       Discuss with KemenPAN-RB, KSP and ORI on features’ requirement for future development;

5.       Develop a transition and technical guidelines’ document for future LAPOR! development which consists of technical information on LAPOR! workflow, framework, and includes the software requirements’ specifications, software documentation, application integration pattern and other related information; and

6.       Present the technical guidelines’ document to KemenPAN-RB, KSP, ORI and USAID CEGAH for approval.


1.       Bi-weekly progress report for the development of the technical guidelines;

2.       Report on assessment of current LAPOR! version 3.2 application;

3.       Approved workplan by KemenPAN-RB, KSP, ORI, and USAID CEGAH;

4.       Approved draft of the technical guidelines for LAPOR! version 3.2 by KemenPAN-RB, KSP, ORI, and USAID CEGAH;

5.       Approved final technical guidelines for LAPOR! version 3.2 by KemenPAN-RB, KSP, ORI, and USAID CEGAH; and

6.       Final report on developing LAPOR! version 3.2 technical guidelines.


1.       Knowledgeable and experienced in developing and documenting an IT program;

2.       The applicant must have knowledge and specialization in designing comprehensive technical guidelines;

3.       Good understanding of LAPOR! business model is desirable;

4.       Familiarity with government organizations and prior experience working with government clients is preferred; and

5.       Strong analytic, communication, and writing skills.


Application should include a CV and contact information by April 23, 2021 at the latest. Please send applications to  or .  Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.


MSI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer


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