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USAID – Mitra Kunci invites company/organization to submit a proposal for a Request for Proposal (RFP-MK-JKT-21-0001) Media Advocacy Program on Inclusion, Access to Training and Strengthening the Economy and Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities.

Proposals are due no later than July 5th, 2021 at 11:59 PM Western Indonesia Time (GMT+7) and must be submitted by email to


DAI Indonesia will hold the Online Pre-Bid Meeting on Monday, June 28, 2021 at 10:00 AM via Microsoft Teams. If your company/organization interest to receive complete RFP & attend the Pre-Bid Meeting, please send your request and email participant information with subject: RFP-MK-JKT-21-0001 – Complete RFP & Attend Pre-Bid Meeting - [your company name]  to before Saturday, June 27, 2021 at 11:59 PM Western Indonesia Time (GMT+7).


Company/Organization Qualification Requirement:

-          at least 10 years of related experience conducting media advocacy and capacity building for media and journalist in national and sub-national(s) level

-          at least two years of experience providing mentorship/assistance to journalists.

-          experience working in media advocacy project related to inclusion

-          demonstrate experience working across East Java and having a working network to support the implementation of the project

-          able to adhere the tight deadlines for the previous work

-          able to develop working network in the 3 clusters region on the previous work

-          experience in making video graphic portfolio


Brief descriptions of the tasks


USAID Mitra Kunci continues to develop a supporting ecosystem for inclusive workforce development in Indonesia. In doing so, we see the important role of the media as one of the enablers to spread awareness on the issue of inclusivity to a wider community. The ‘Media Advocacy Program on Inclusion, Access to Training and Strengthening the Economy and Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities’ program is a series of activity carried out by Mitra Kunci with aim to strengthen capacity of Indonesian journalist in understanding the concept of inclusion so that they can produce journalistic works that is in line with the ethics of media reporting of marginalized communities (including people with disability).


This program targeting the medias and journalists, especially in seven districts/cities in East Java province, which are divided into three main cluster regions as follows:

·       Cluster region 1 covering Surabaya and Sidoarjo

·       Cluster region 2 covering Malang City and Pasuruan

·       Cluster region 3 covering Situbondo, Jember and Banyuwangi


The main objectives of the events are: 1) Promoting a high-quality media reporting that covers issues related to inclusion and strengthening the economy and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the target areas. 2) Improving the understanding of journalists in the target areas on the issues of inclusion and 3) Promoting the adoption of Media Reporting Guideline on People with Disability (Panduan Pemberitaan Ramah Disabilitas) in Indonesia

Scope of Work


The program consists of 4 main task that should be carried out during July 10 – October 20, 2021.


Task 1 - Creation of Media reporting guideline on people with disability (Panduan Pemberitaan Ramah Disabilitas)

On February 8, 2021, Indonesian Press Council (Dewan Pers) issued a media reporting guideline for people with disability covering seven aspects that serve as the ethical and operational guideline for journalists and media agencies in Indonesia (further information could be accessed through this link: which could be seen on section 6. Anticipated Post-Award Deliverables. To encourage the implementation of the guideline, a more practical guideline is needed so that it can be easily understood by the media and journalist. This task will cover the making of video graphics from the Dewan Pers’ guideline.


The sub-activities consist of:

-      The making of seven graphic videos of media reporting guideline for people with disability

-      Promotion and dissemination of the graphic videos


Task 2 - Strengthening the capacity of journalists related to the issue of inclusion in the target areas

The series of activities will be held in the 3 cluster regions (covering 7 Mitra Kunci’s districts/cities in East Java as stated above) to support journalist in producing journalistic works related to the issue of inclusion, access to training and economic strengthening and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


The sub-activities consist of:

a.    Recruitment of journalists from 7 districts in 3 clusters. The total number of journalists recruited will be 75 journalists to represent 7 districts.

b.    3-days Online training for journalist: 1 training/cluster, a total of 3 trainings. Total 75 journalist from 7 districts will be trained in 3 clusters. Of the 75 participating journalists, 15 of the selected participants will receive financial support for field reporting (there will be assistance and mentoring provided). These 15 selected participants should be representative from 7 districts in 3 clusters.

c.    Field reporting: a total of 15 participants in the 7 districts (in 3 cluster regions).

d.    Assistance/mentoring during field reporting: 3 mentors, each mentor will accompany 5 journalists.


Task 3 – Creation of Compilation of Journalistic works that is in line with inclusion concept

The journalistic work produced from part 2 (see above) will be made into a digital compilation equipped with facilities to be accessible to people with disabilities and will be republished for people with disabilities.


Task 4 - Dissemination of Journalistic Works on Inclusion

At the end of the program period, a discussion with national coverage will be held online, presenting the works and experience of participating journalists in covering issues related to disability. The event will be attended by the representative of government and disabled community.



Proposed Timeline

Activities covered in the scope of works are expected to be carried out in the period of 17 July – 15 October 2021 (all activities must be completed by September 2021. In October, awarded offeror is expected to submit final activity reports, invoices etc)

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