Palladium MFP4 Project - Analyst, Project Management


The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has appointed Palladium, in collaboration with Systemiq, to deliver the fourth phase of the Multistakeholder Forestry Programme in Indonesia (MFP4).

MFP4 will support Indonesia to achieve its ambitions on sustainable timber and community forestry. The programme has operated for an initial period of 3 years and has now confirmation of an extension to 5 years. MFP4 will build on earlier programme phases to deliver an ambitious set of results on coverage of timber licences, export volumes of sustainably sourced timber, area under community forest management, and number and value of community forest businesses.

To deliver these results, the consortium members will establish a joint technical assistance facility in Jakarta, drawing on their respective experience in facilitating FLEGT VPAs worldwide, implementing previous MFPs in Indonesia, collaborating with Indonesian ministries on community forestry polices and enabling investments in forests and sustainable land use. The MFP4 facility will directly support the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF) to deliver two core work streams:

  1. Sustainable and legal timber: Ensuring the sustainability of Indonesia’s governance reform in the timber sector through the national timber legality assurance system ‘SVLK’, which underpins FLEGT licensing; and
  2. Community forest business development: Facilitating the expansion of community forest businesses through increased access to skills, finance, knowledge and services for business development and forest stewardship.

Purpose of Assignment

The Analyst, Project Management will be engaged to provide a high level of day-to-day support to the MFP4 programme, undertaking the specific duties assigned by the Project Management Team. This position is an initial 1 year FxTE post with the possibility of extension, depending on programme needs and FCDO’s approval for the project activity work plan.


Under the direction of the Project Associates the Analyst will:

  1. Provide administrative support to ensure the accuracy of MFP4’s asset register records as per guidance from Project Associates;
  2. Provide administrative, financial and secretarial support to the Project Management Team;
  3. Provide logistics and operational support to the MFP4 team, including travel arrangements and accommodation bookings for staff and for project meetings, workshops and trainings in coordination with the Project Associates;
  4. Provide logistical and administration support to Project Associates for internal Palladium MFP4 events;
  5. Ensure the completeness of administrational supporting documents of all financial transaction for audit purposes, in coordination with the Project Management Team;
  6. Provide administration support to Project Associate in procurement process for goods and services for MFP4, including but not limited to obtaining competitive quotations, preparing and filling procurement records and documents;
  7. Assist in maintaining and updating administration and financial filing system (hardcopy & softcopy) as per guidance from the Project Associates and Project Analyst: Finance and Administration;
  8. Ensure accurate and efficient management of softcopy files and records of administrational and financial event/activity supporting documents in coordination with Project Associates and Project Analyst: Finance and Administration with support from Office Assistant;
  9. Other duties as may reasonably be required by the Project Management Team consistent with the individuals’ qualifications and experience.

Qualifications and Experience

The Analyst, Project Management will possess the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Experience in administration, especially in support function of large scale of international organisation;
  2. Experience in finance, experience in Palladium financial system is an advantage;
  3. Proven track record in administration management systems and procedures;
  4. Experience in event planning, logistics and budgeting;
  5. Familiarity with travel arrangements including and not limited to flight, hotel & car rental reservations;
  6. Able to use IT effectively to support the operations of a large program or organisation;
  7. Familiar on travel arrangements including and not limited to flight, hotel & car rental reservations;
  8. High level proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and web browsers;
  9. Good interpersonal skills, including in a cross-cultural context;
  10. Fluent Bahasa Indonesia and proficiency in English;
  11. Have professional experience in working with Officials of Government of Indonesia, preferably with Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF) / Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan.


This position will be a full time role for an initial term of 1 year, starting Monday 2nd August 2021.

How to Apply

To respond to this position, please send a Cover Letter (1 page max) mentioning your daily rate (tax inclusive) and CV (2 pages max) to by Monday 12th July 2021 with the name of the position as your email subject.

For more information on our company, please review our website:

Palladium provides equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.



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