EMPATIKA Vacancy: Qualitative Lead Researcher

 Are you a strong believer in research and projects that spend time to get to know the people that the research or project is designed for? Do you feel an understanding of local context is important? Do you believe that local communities should play a key role in helping tackle the social and development challenges that they face? We’re looking for a dynamic, proactive and passionate Lead Researcher to join our team! As a Lead Researcher with Empatika, you will be a key member of our small team, leading on the technical aspects of particular studies/projects, as well as providing technical inputs and technical quality  assurance for other activities. You will also participate in studies as a field researcher and facilitator.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Study Leader:

● Maintain regular communication with the Project Director (PD) on all aspects of the study/project, including both technical and budgetary.
● Oversee study recruitment/researcher selection and training as needed (though specific tasks may be shared with others in the study team)
● Lead all aspects of study design with support from a Quality Assurance (QA) lead and study co-leader.
● Lead study briefing for field researchers.
● Oversee fieldwork planning and implementation of the study.
● Lead or Co-Lead fieldwork debriefings.
● Lead sensemaking / reflection workshops with assistance from the QA lead.
● Oversee archiving of the fieldwork data with the support of the PD.
● Lead analysis of field/debriefing notes.
● Serve as lead writer for study reports, unless otherwise agreed, collaborating with the QA lead and study co-lead as necessary.
● Oversee the development of other study deliverables, including briefs, presentations and infographics.
● Liaise with the formatting/design team for report/brief layout.

As a Field Researcher/Facilitator:
● Participate in all required study briefing sessions.
● Travel with the sub team to the study location and manage the selection of suitable study participants and accommodation for the period of the study.
● Use informal conservations and other Empatika endorsed approaches to gather insights into the study issues, ensuring careful adherence to good ethical practices and the need for careful triangulation of information.
● For Action Research, use the designed/designated facilitation tools along with other participatory approaches and general facilitation skills to conduct inclusive
workshops which elicit insights according to the target(s) of the workshop/action
● Full participation in de-briefings.
● Full participation in post fieldwork reflection or sense making sessions.
● Contribute to team archiving and fulfillment of all responsibilities related to
finalization of outputs from the study.
● Submit all necessary supporting evidence for any payments made.

Skills and Background:
● Demonstrated experience implementing and designing qualitative research, essential.
● Experience designing or implementing participatory research approaches, preferred.
● Experience engaging with quantitative research components or leading quantitative data collection exercises, desirable.
● Experience managing research studies or projects, including team coordination and logistics, desirable.
● Strong spoken and written communication skills in English and Bahasa, essential.
● Experience implementing studies or projects in an international context (outside Indonesia), desirable.
● Education background in social sciences or humanities (S2 or above), preferred.
● Experience working with bilateral or multi-lateral donors, preferred, and demonstrated client-management skills, essential.
● Strong presentation and research communication skills, preferred.

This is a consultant position.

For more details please see the ToR at: https://bit.ly/QualitativeLeadResearcher

Visit our webiste: www.empatika.org

Interest candidate, please send your CV and email to: hello@empatika.org

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