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 The Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) aims to conserve marine resources vital to the protection and sustainability of a wide range of human activities and livelihoods. It focuses on the establishment and effective management of Marine Protected Area (MPAs) and development of sustainable fisheries as interlinked strategies to secure and manage Indonesia’s coastal marine resources. WCS is committed to assisting the Government of Indonesia to meet its national and international commitments to MPA establishment and management – including the commitment to achieve 20 million hectares of MPAs by 2020. MPAs benefit both biodiversity and fisheries management by protecting habitats and protecting breeding populations of important marine organisms.

WCS - IP has started marine work in Indonesia since 2002 and has expertise in marine and socioeconomic surveying, fisheries science, marine protected area creation and management, marine and fisheries policy, and law enforcement. Through KfW funding for the period of 2019 – 2025, within these areas of expertise, WCS will continue to support the Government of Indonesia through Sustainable Fisheries Management, decreasing threats to coral reefs and supporting the designation and management of protected areas.

This project aims at conserving Indonesia’s diverse marine ecosystems and important fisheries through the creation and improvement of MPAs and improved management of commercially and ecologically important fisheries. It will benefit the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, fisheries managers in North Sulawesi and local communities who rely on marine resources. It will address threats of overfishing, destructive fishing, and loss of marine habitats.

Within the last 16 years, WCS has supported government partners to an inventory and evaluate the condition of coral reef habitats based on ecological data from more than 34 MPAs in 13 provinces in Indonesia, including North Sulawesi province. Support in local MPA and regular monitoring of coral reef resources in North Sulawesi has been available since 2010. In 2020, WCS also to work to support selected Protected Areas (PA) especially in coastal area. WCS committed to continueing to provide support for MPA and PA management effectiveness, surveys, and increase local capacity in the management and monitoring. Our robust and standardized scientific data has been used in identifying the status of North Sulawesi coral reefs to support the management of the MPAs and PAs.

In the effort to provide the support, there is a need of a qualified Science (Socioeconomic, ecological and species) Officer that may help WCS team to support the management effectiveness improvement of MPA and PA, including surveys, workshop, and capacity building of biodiversity monitoring for key stakeholders.


The Marine Science Officer will directly report to the North Sulawesi PA/ MPA Senior Officer and coordinate closely and significantly with Marine Science Unit in Bogor, North Sulawesi Senior Coordinator Program and WCS Team of the WCS Indonesia Marine team.

The Marine Science Officer is responsible to conduct regular monitoring on ecology, socio-economics and species at all MPAs to ensure improvement of MPA management effectiveness. S/he participates in ecological and socioeconomic training including in data analysis and technical reports, and is responsible for the development of the local monitoring team.


  • Work closely with the North Sulawesi PA/ MPA Senior Officer and coordinate closely and significantly with Marine Science Unit in Bogor, North Sulawesi Senior Coordinator Program and WCS Indonesia Marine team and is required to be self-reliant and autonomous in their capacity to carry out the assigned tasks.
  • Facilitate activities related to the information gathering, assessment and communication in relation to the MPA/PA management effectiveness and provide technical and facilitating support to meetings, seminars, workshops and formally represent WCS as necessary in such meeting, workshops, and conferences.
  • Participate in internal and external meetings as required.
  • Always ensure high quality of deliverables as well as the validity and reliability of data.
  • At all times have a considerate, generous, and helpful approach with all staff and partners.
  • Promote WCS’s values on respect, transparency and accountability, innovation, inclusion and diversity, collaboration, and integrity in daily work.
  • Understand and comply with all WCS policies and regulations such as Health and Safety, Data Protection, etc.


  • Conduct regular monitoring at all MPAs and targeted PAs on ecology, socioeconomics and species, including data entry, data analysis and develop draft of technical reports.
  • Provide support in designing and improvement on MPA/ PA management and zoning plan of the targeted MPA and coastal PA in North Sulawesi.
  • Facilitate the capacity building for government, community groups and other stakeholders, including development of key documents (i.e. SOP, training module, etc) in close coordination with WCS marine science team.
  • Work closely with science team to develop MPA/ PA monitoring forum/ team (ecology, socioeconomics and species) in provincial level.
  • Support design and implementation of ecological, socioeconomic and species survey, in particular collecting data on corals/reef fishes, mangrove, seagrass, and data assimilation as required by WCS.
  • Ensure and cooperate with senior officers to support and facilitate workshops, seminars and training related to MPA including providing documents for EVIKA assessment.
  • Manage monitoring database system and control the quality of ecological, socioeconomic and species data to meet WCS standard including ensuring all data collection into pre-prepared spreadsheets on computers/database platform, provide data and information on ecological, socioeconomic and species aspects for technical report, presentation, and publication.
  • Responsible for research permit process and ensure that ecological and socioeconomic monitoring complies with the WCS-IP Policy.
  • Deliver regular updates and reports on the project activities (activity reports), including administration documents (including review field reports and inputs for technical report, information material, etc), ensure high level quality to meet WCS’s standard and in a timely manner.
  • Supervise a working team consisting of assistants, field facilitators or consultants as required to ensure high quality of teamwork and high-quality deliverables, including capacity building and professional development.


  • This position will be based in Manado, North Sulawesi.
  • Bachelor degree in the field of marine science/ coastal and science management/ biodiversity conservation or other related subjects with at least 2 years of experience.
  • Good understanding in the principle of marine protected area management and conservation
  • Experienced in facilitating workshops, public consultations, focus group discussions, report writing or report summaries.
  • SCUBA diving certified (minimum A2-POSSI or other equivalent dive certifications will be an advantage).
  • Experienced in coral and reef fish data collection using underwater visual census method.
  • Experienced in coral and reef fish data identification up to genera level for coral and species level for reef fish.
  • Experienced in mangrove and sea grass data collection and monitoring.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills; high self-motivation, honesty and integrity, transparency, accountability, flexibility, willingness to learn from others, able to work under pressure and demonstrate good teamwork.
  • Ability to perform simple data analysis using excel applications or other analysis software such as R-studio, SPSS and others.
  • Ability to write report both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Computer literacy in Ms. Office, Ms. Excel, and any statistical software (preferably R statistics).

For more detailed information about Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program, the position and how to apply, please visit our website at:

When you are interested on the above position and consider that you possess the necessary qualification, please submit your application consisting of updated curriculum vitae and a cover letter explaining your interest towards this work and/or this organization to
Please fill the subject column of the e-mail in this format "Marine Science Officer NS_(name)"

                                                          January 25th, 2023

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