Consultant for Content Writer and Designer for Booklet Garbage Bank Establishment Guidance for Feb 24 to March 24

 Scope of work


Corus International is implementing MECIHO (Multisectoral Collaboration for Inclusive Health and Opportunity for Women) project in Karo Regency. One of the project objectives is improved mechanisms and systems that support the advancement of healthier homes and better living conditions. One of the strategies for this objective is by establishing garbage bank that managed by women at village level. The project succeeded in establishing and maintaining three garbage banks in three villages.
To disseminate information on garbage bank, the project will hire a content writer and designer to produce booklets for project stakeholders in Karo.

The selected content writer and designer (hereinafter referred to as “team”) are expected to produce:
1.    Booklet on garbage bank promotion. This booklet should include:
i.    The impact of garbage bank for health, environment and social.
ii.    Regulation on garbage bank establishments.
iii.    The process in establishing garbage bank
The information will be provided in narrative/description along with full color illustration animation. This booklet will be printed on two pages of A4 (folded) with cover (title) and back cover (logos). The content should be fit in 6 pages. The information should be written in semi formal way. The team may write as in comic or dialog. At least 10 animation illustrations provided in the booklet in addition one as cover (total 11 animation illustrations).

2.    Booklet on garbage bank establishment guideline. The guidelines will be written formally, where the team can use photos, charts, graph and diagrams. The content should include at least:
i.    The importance of garbage bank and the regulation on garbage bank establishment (1 page)
ii.    The process in establishing garbage bank (1 page)
iii.    Guidelines in running garbage bank. In this section, the content writer needs to include garbage category, some forms/template on bookkeeping and other guideline needed.
The information will be written on a maximum of 22 pages of A5.

The first booklet (garbage bank promotion) should be completed by end of February as for the second booklet, the team should send the first draft by third week of March. During the writing process, the team will closely coordinate and communicate with MECIHO project staff in Kabanjahe. The team will be supervised by the MECIHO Project Coordinator. Details timeline for the assignment will be as follows:
Time    Description     Payment
February 5th     Kick off meeting with MECIHO team   
February 9th     Draft for outline content and design for 1st and 2nd booklet    
February 13th     Finalize the outline content and design for 1st and 2nd booklet     20%
February 19th     First draft for 1st booklet    
February 27th     Final version for 1st booklet     20%
February 28th     Review on the 2nd booklet outline content and design    
March 18th     First draft for 2nd booklet     30%
March 29th     Final version for 2nd booklet     30%

Payment will be made by wire transfer to the team lead. Fee will be tax deductible.

Minimum requirements
The candidates should have minimum requirements as follows:
Content Writer:
•    Proven experience in writing booklets, promotions, and/or guidelines.
•    Ability to meet deadlines.
•    Strong communication skills.
•    Proven experience in designing books or other promotional materials.
•    Ability to meet deadlines.
•    Strong communication skills.
Interested candidates are required to submit in team the following documents:
•    Resume indicating whether applying as a content writer or designer. Please specify the team leader for this assignment.
•    Examples of previous work: one showcasing content writing skills and another highlighting design expertise.
•    A list of three references from past work experiences.
•    The content writer and designer may not have necessarily worked together previously.
•    Provide the expected total fee for the assignment.

Resume and supporting documents should be sent to not later than 26th of January 2024.

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